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YMCA SULTHAN BATHERY. Wayanad Sub Region, South West India Region

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YMCA Sulthan Bathery
Affiliated to national Council of YMCAs of india, new Delhi.
Belongs to South West India Region, Wayanad Sub Region.

 Young Men's Christian Association   

(YMCA), organization having as its objective the development of values and behaviors that are consistent with Christian principles. Despite the retention of the name, membership is not limited to Christians, and since World War II women and girls have been accepted as members. The first association was launched (1844) in London by Sir George Williams and a group of young men in business as a place to help other young working men find God through prayer and Bible study. In 1851 the movement took root in North America. Following the lead of Montreal and Boston, a number of other cities soon formed their own YMCAs, and in 1854 the first convention of North American associations took place in Buffalo, N.Y. A world conference in Paris (1855), attended by delegates from eight nations, led to the formation of the World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations in the same year. The organization now has branches on every continent. Originally focused on Bible study and religious activities, the YMCA has greatly broadened its mission statement over the years. YMCAs often provide inexpensive housing, meeting space for community groups, gymnasiums and pools, and child-care programs. YMCAs serve 30 million people in 120 countries.

YMCA Sulthan Bathery is adjudged the best rural unit in the entire sub region in the year 2004-05. Now the Unit is elevated to the position of the  Best Rural Unit in the South West India Region, which comprises, generally, the State of Kerala.

Our Facilities
  Conference Hall
Hostel for Men
Dormitory for Students
Mini Shopping Centre 
 At Nominal Rates
 For More Information, Contact Office Secretary

The Thirsty
Come Unto Me

Organization News

Next Director Board meeting: 6t of June 2005
Venue: YMCA Conference Hall, YMCA, Sulthan Bathery.

Present Office Bearers:
President:             Rev. Father Thomas P. Yohannan
Vice Presidents:    Prof. Sunny Mathew
                       :    Mr. P. A. Mathai
Hon Secretary:      Mr. John Mathai Nooranal
Joint Secretary:     Mr. Benny Paul
Treasurer:             Mr. N.V. Baby Nirappath  Members of Director Board:
                            Prof. Thomas Paul
                            Prof. Premji Issac
                            Rev. Victor K. M.
                            Mr. T.J. Thomas
                            Mr. Mathews Jacob Nooranal
                            Mr. Advocate. T.P. Alias
                            Prof K. M. Sunny
                            Prof. A.V. Thariath
                            Mr. O.K. Mathai
Office Secretary    Mr. E. V. Shaiju

Becoming a Member

Contact The Secretary, obtain terms and conditions, submit the application with the prescribed fee (now it is Indian Rupees 500/-). Your application with the due recommendation of a member of the Director Board will be considered in due course of time.


Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

Mailing Address:

YMCA-Sulthan Bathery,
YMCA Complex,
NH 212, Kottakkunnu,
Sulthan Bathery,
Wayanad District,
Kerala. Pin: 673 592., INDIA.

Phone: 91-4936-220 816


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